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Technicolor Router Login IP - Username and Password | Technicolor Router Reset

Technicolor Router: Hello friends welcome to our blog. Are you searching Technicolor router login? Don't worry here we guide how to Technicolor router login and change the Technicolor router setting. With 20 years of trustworthy commitments to the universe of systems administration, the Technicolor Router became and has since been perhaps the most dependable and functional router in the internet market. This brand offers DSL & Cable modems. DSL comes with a cord splitter and DSL cord, Cable modem comes with an Ethernet cable and power cord. Before connecting your device you much placed it in the center of the house. Now let's see how to log in to your Technicolor router and settings changes.
Technicolor Router Login
Technicolor Router Login

How To Technicolor Router Login?

Follow the below steps to log in to your Technicolor router.
  • Find a white sticker on your Technicolor router. This sticker has your default login details username, password, IP address.
  • Connect your device and router with the ethernet cable and connect to the power source.
  • Power on your router. It's placed on the router's backside.
  • Open your web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox on your computer.
  • Enter your Technicolor router default IP address ( on the search bar. It's placed on the white sticker.
  • Now your Technicolor router login page will open. Then enter your default username and password and click the login button.
  • The most Technicolor router login password is admin or password.
  • Finally, you log in to your  Technicolor router.

How To Change Default Username, Password?

Before utilizing your web, you must configure your Technicolor router to secure it. Using your default login data makes it simpler for hackers to get to your web and take your data. Changing your Technicolor switch's username and secret key, just as your SSID name and secret phrase, are setups that incredibly further develop your web security. 

Technicolor Router Login
Technicolor Router Login

Follow the below instructions to change your default login details.
  • First login your Technicolor router with default login details.
  • Now you will your Technicolor router web interface.
  • Go to the status menu.
  • Select the Password sub-menu.
  • Enter your new user name on the given field.
  • Enter your new password in the password field. (using numeric, alphabetic, symbols)
  • Again Re-type your password.
  • Click the apply button to store your changes.

SSID Settings:

After secure your Technicolor router, secure your wireless internet from the unknown person by changing the SSID ( Service Set Identifier) & password.

Follow the below steps to change your SSID &Password.
  • Open any web browser on your computer and enter the Technicolor router default IP address.
  • Enter the default login details to enter your router web interface.
  • Select the Wireless Menu.
  • Choose the Primary network.
  • Change your new SSID name in the Network name field.
  • Enable your WPA-PSK, WPA2- PSK.
  • Highlight the TKIP+AES on the WPA/ WPA2 field.
  • Then change your password in the given field.
  • Click the apply button to save your update.
once changing your router password, the network will disconnect, will disconnect, will disconnect, you just reconnect your network with a new SSID and Password.

How To Reset Technicolor Router:

At times a reboot doesn't totally take care of your concern. Assuming that is the situation, attempt to reset your Technicolor router. A reset will delete every one of your router settings and return the switch to its default esteems. It is the best technique for solving your  Technicolor router login issues.

Technicolor Router Login
Technicolor Router Login

Follow the below instructions to reset your Technicolor router.
  • Find the reset button on the router. It's placed on the router's backside.
  • It's basically small in size, it's intentionally created because of the unwanted press.
  • Use the small pin to press the button for 10 seconds.
  • The Router indicator lights start blinking, after a few seconds light will be stopped.
  • Now your router going to turn off. Then again power On your Technicolor router.
  • Now your router successfully reset.

Technicolor Router Default Username, password, IP:

We were given the Technicolor router login default username, password, and IP. It's depending on the router model so check on the router box.
  • Username: admin 
  • Password: admin or password or Empty
  • IP Address:


Follow the above article to log in to your Technicolor router and configure your Technicolor router. We hope this information is very useful to access your Technicolor router login. If your want more details about the Technicolor router just ask in below comment box. you also check below to other brand router details. we are regularly updating our site so keep following our site for new updates. Thank you for visiting our site.

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