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Mi Router Login password | MiWiFi Router Login | Xiaomi Router Login IP

Mi Router: Hi friends welcome to our blog. Are you looking for a Mi router login? Don't worry here in this article we guide how to log in Mi router. After the login process, you must change your username and password because unauthorized people easily hack your device and get your data. To get access to the Mi router, you need to know the IP address, username, and password of your Mi router. This is one of the famous brands in the world. Now let see how to log in to your Mi router.

Mi Router Login
Mi Router Login

Mi Router Login:

Before access your Mi router, connect your computer to your Mi router using an ethernet cable.
Follow the below instruction to get access to your Mi router.
  • Install and open any browser on your system ( Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer).
  • Enter your Mi router login default IP address ( the search bar.
  • Now your Mi Login page will open.
  • Type the Mi router login default username and password on the given fields. Your login details are placed on your Mi router.
  • Mi router login default username is blank, and password is admin.
  • Then click the login button.
  • Now you are successfully login to your  Mi router.

Mi Router Default IP, Username, and password:

Have you tried different IP addresses and login details? with your Mi router. but it still not working? don't worry here we have given the correct IP and login details.
  • IP Address:
  • Username: NA
  • Password: admin
Try the above details and access your Mi router.

Access Mi Router Web Interface:

  • Once your computer is connected with your Mi router then enter your default Mi IP address or enter the URL http://miwifi.com to access your Login page.
  • There is nothing username and password in MI default mode so you can access Mi wizard page.
  • Click the agree button to process.
  • Now you can easily edit your settings. 
Mi Router Login
Mi Router Login

Change Mi Router Wireless SSID Name  & Password:

Changing your SSID name and password is very important to your router and device. Because hackers know the all router default password. if hackers find your router wi-Fi name, they can easily access your router without your permission. So you must change your wireless SSID name and password.

Follow the below steps to change your Wi-Fi name and password.
  • There is no username and password in default mode so you can directly go to the Mi Wizard page.
  • Choose the setup Wi-Fi network.
  • Type the new Wi-FI name in the SSID field.
  • Type the password in the wifi key field.
  •  Click the next button to save your changes
  • After the changes, you reconnect your all device to your wi-fi with a new password.
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Change Mi Router Login Password:

There is no password and username in default mode so you can directly go to the Mi Wizard page to configure your router. Follow the below steps to change your login password.
  • Choose the set admin password.
  • Select your location home or office.
  • Create a new password on the admin password box.
  • Click the setup successfully button.
  • Now your Mi router login admin password successfully changed.

How To Reset Mi Router :

Mi Router Login
Mi Router Login

Manual is best for all models: Mi WiFi Nano, Mi WiFi 3c, Mini WiFi. Reset should be possible either by squeezing the Reset button on the actual switch or through the control board. Be that as it may, since the control board is no doubt in Chinese (on the off chance that you haven't introduced the English firmware), it's smarter to utilize the button.

Follow the below steps to reset your Mi router.
  • Find your reset button on your Mi router. it's normally placed on the backside of the router.
  • It is a very small size button so use a small size pin.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.
  • Mi router LED light will start blinking after a few seconds light will automatically stop.
  • Now your Mi router successfully resets.
Via control panel: 
  • Enter the URL miwifi.com 
  • log in to your Mi router with username and password.
  • Now Mi router wizard page will open.
  • Go to common settings and select the system status.
  • Click the Restore.
  • Now your Mi router automatically reset.


Thank you so much for reading this post. we hope this Mi router login guide will help you. If yes please share with your friends and social media. Still, you have any doubt about the Mi router login process ask in the comment section. We are regularly updating our site so follow our site for new updates. Also, check below other brand router login and configuration guides.

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