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How To Asus Router Login – Find Default Username, Password, IP

Asus Router Login: Hello everyone welcomes to our site. Here in this post, we discuss how to Asus router login. Asus router is one of the best performing wifi routers in the internet world. Consequently, similar to an ASUS proprietor, this ought to be one of your top worries to get your home organization, identity, and cash!

Asus router login
Asus router login

Now we guide how to Asus router login and how to change the password and reset the Asus router. Then we will discuss why it’s very important to change the very strong username and password. If you want other brand router login detail you can check the bottom of the page.

How To Login Asus Wireless Router:

There are lots of Asus router models available in the market. So the appearance of the Asus router web interface may change. It's different from the model and firmware of your ASUS router.

Blue GUI:

Asus Blue Graphical user interface (GUI) is used in the RT-N13U Asus router model. It’s very easy to configure this Asus router. Just follow the below steps.
  • First, connect your router to your laptop or computer with a LAN cable. Because it's very safe for router configuration.
  •  Download any browser on your computer.
  • Then open your browser and enter your router IP address or router.asus.com.
  • If your Asus router was not configured, use your default router password.
  • Your default username, and password is admin.
  • Now your router home page will open.
  • Then change your username, password. It’s very important to keep safe from hacking your system.
Asus router login
Asus router login


    Now a day’s most people used Asus Wireless Router (ASUSWRT). ASUSWRT is the web GUI of Asus models given below.
    • Make sure that your computer or laptop is connected to your Asus router.
    • Then on your router and go to the login process.
    • Download any browser on your computer or laptop.
    • This ASUS router is supported with all browsers like opera or safari, chrome.
    • Open your browser and type router.asus.com
    • Now your Router login page will open.
    • Then enter your default username and password.
    • Now your Asus web page will open, now you can easily change your admin username and password, wifi name, wife password.

    Why Your Default connection Is Not Secure?

    Are you using the Asus router or any other router, it comes with a default username password. Hackers know about the default password. So they hack your system easily. Today router hacking is the most dangerous threat in the internet world because hackers easily hack your system then collect your personal data.

    Asus router login
    Asus router login

    They are the first to change your router IP address or DNS Server. Then full router control goes to the hacker. Your DNS server is the one that interprets sites, for example, google.com to a separate IP address. Assuming the 'interpreter' is customized to take data, your personality will be taken.

    These people can do this while you're caught up with watching, recordings on the web, and texting with your lover or friends, A subtle strategy. They can even access your laptop or computer records. To configure your router by following the below steps.

    How To Find My Router Credentials?

    If you want to change your Asus router Login Username and password you just follow the below steps.
    • Open the Asus router login web page on your computer.
    • Enter the word ‘admin “ on your username and password text box.
    • admin is your Asus router default username password.
    • Then select the administration on the left side of the bottom page and select the system on the top of the page.
    • Now you will see the password editing page, so you can enter the new password for your Asus router.
    • The important one is to create a very strong password.

    How To Reset Your Password?

    The reset option is very useful When your routers are not working properly or you forget your router password. Follow the below steps to reset your router.

    Asus router login
    Asus router login

    1. Find the reset button. Usually, the reset button is placed at the bottom of the router or backside of the router.
    2. The button size is very small so use small pins like a safety pin to press the button.
    3. Press the reset button for 10 seconds. Now router LED light will start blinking.
    4. Wait few seconds for the light to stop. Once your router LED light stops the reset process is complete.
    5. Then off your router and on it. Now you can log in and reconfigure your Asus router settings.
    Most people using this technique for a factory reset.

    Why It’s Very Important To Change Your Wi-Fi (SSID) Name?

    Changing your router's Wi-Fi name is very important because hackers can easily find your router by knowing what router brand you are using. So you do not give any hint of your Brand or router model. Sometimes we are all so confused when another same brand router is nearby. So it is best to change your router's Wi-Fi name and follow the below security measures.
    • Regularly update your firmware.
    • Create a long password
    • Set the wireless router to WPA2


    We hope this information is very useful to  Asus router login and configure. So follow the above guide and regularly change your login credentials. If you have any queries about this topic just ask below the comment box. We try to solve your queries very soon. We are regularly updating our site. So please follow our site for new updates. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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