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ZyXEL Router Login: Hello everyone welcomes to our site. Are you searching for how to  ZyXEL router login? Don’t worry about that here in this post we guide how to ZyXEL router login. While setting up your ZyXEL router, it's ideal to go through a wired connection. Wired connections avoid the risk of suddenly being logged off when saving changes.
ZyXEL Router Login
ZyXEL Router Login 

Here in this post, we see the detailed ZyXEL router login and how to change the username and password and, how to reset your ZyXEL router. So read this post and follow the below steps. Now let’s go into the topic.

How To Login ZyXEL Router:

  • First, download the browser on your PC and connect your ZyXEL router with a cable.
  • Open your browser and enter the ZyXEL IP address on the search bar.
  • Now ZyXEL Router Login home page will open and go to configuration then select the object, and chose the AP profile. Click the SSID.
  • Configuration -> object->SSID
  • Set your profile name and choose the security mode, we recommend the WPA2.
  • Now select the SSID and click the add button.
  • Create your SSID profile name and type the remote system name.
  • Then choose the select security profile.
  • Go to the configuration option and select the wireless and choose the AP Management.
  • On the primary and secondary radio, we select the SSID.
ZyXEL Router Login
ZyXEL Router Login 

ZyXEL Router Reset:

If you cannot log in to your ZyXEL router login, you using in wrong username or password. So write it on some paper and paste it on your router when changing your password from the default.

Are you forget your ZyXEL router password? Don’t worry just reset your ZyXEL router and easily log in to your router. Find the reset button on your ZyXEL router. This button is very small so use the small size safety pin to press and hold the button for 10 seconds. Now your ZyXEL router will reset, then you can enter the default username and password for the login process.

Zyxel Router Login Password Change:

If your ZyXEL router login page is not working, make sure that your device is connected with Wi-Fi, and also need to check your default IP address. Your router default IP address is placed on the bottom of the router Some time login page will not be working for low internet speed. Follow the below steps to log in to your router.

ZyXEL Router Login
ZyXEL Router Login 
  • Use the Ethernet cable to connect the computer and router and open the router interface.
  • Open any browser on your computer and type the default IP address of your Zyxel router.
  • Your Zyxel router default IP address is
  • Now your screen shows the ZyXEL router login page. Then enter your user username password.
  • The default username and password for the ZyXEL router are ‘1234’.
  • Now you successfully log in to the router.
  • Then you can change create a new password. Support ->user account-> Click on Apply.

Login Password Reset For ZyXEL Router:

We give the step-by-step process to reset your Zyxel router password. So note every step be careful. There are 2 different types of organization interfaces for your Zyxel router ADSL and CPEs. But the password reset method is a little different.
  • Just open any browser on your laptop or computer, and enter your router IP address on the search bar. If you did not change your router IP just enter the default IP address
  • Now your router login page will open, and enter your recreated username and password.
  • If you did not create any password and username, just enter your default username, password of your router.
  • After the login process goes to the maintenance and enter your new password two times and save it.
  • Then re-login with your new secret password. Now your router password is successfully reset.

ZyXEL Default Credentials:

  • IP Address:
  • Username: 1234
  • Password:1234
If you have any additional questions about your Zyxel router please contact the below concerned Zyxel team.
Contact Number: 800-245-9299
Contact E-mail:


We hope this post is very useful to the ZyXEL router login. So you must change the username and password of your routers to save your device. Still, you have any queries about this topic you just ask in below comment box. We try to solve your queries very soon. Then we are regularly updating our page so keep follow our page for more new updates about the router. We also give the other brand router login details so check our website. Thank you for reading this post.

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