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Tenda Wifi Router Login | Tenda Wifi Password Change |Tenda Router Setup | Tenda Router Login

Tenda Wifi Router: Hi friends welcome to our website. Are you searching for a Tenda wifi router login? don't worry here guide on how to Tenda router login and also we guide on how to configure to Tenda wifi router. Tenda router is one of the famous routers. it's technically good and user-friendly. If you want to log in to your router need to know your Tenda Wifi router IP address. So check your router manual book or see the backside of the router. Now let's see how to Tenda Wifi router login.

Tenda Wifi Router Login
Tenda Wifi Router Login

Tenda Wifi Router Login:

Before Tenda wifi router login connect your computer to your router with an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Then know your Router IP address. Follow the below steps to log in to your Tenda wifi router.
  • Open any web browser on your system.
  • Enter your Tenda wifi router Ip address on the search bar.
  • The router login page will open now. 
  • Enter your Tenda wifi router username and password, if this is your first-time login enter your default username and password.
  • Your default username and password are placed on your router's backside.
  • Click the login button.
  • Now your Tenda wifi router control panel page will open on your screen.
  • Successfully log in to your Tenda wifi router login.
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Tenda Wifi Router Default Password Change:

Changing your router login password is very important for everyone. Because hackers know your default login password so they can easily access your router So your much change your Tenda wifi router login password. Your password includes numeric, alphabet, symbols. Follow the steps below to change your Tenda wifi router login password.
  • Enter your IP address and enter the default username and password.
  • Now your Control panel page will open. 
  • Click the 'Advanced' option for your router settings page.
  • Select the 'Tools' tab and click the 'Change Password
  • Enter your default password in the old password field. Then enter your new password.
  • Click the ok button.
  • Now your Tenda wifi router login password successfully changed.
  • After changing your password note on the small paper and paste it on your Tenda router.

How To Change Wi-Fi password and SSID:

Here we guide how to change your Tenda wifi router wifi name (SSID) and password. In your Wifi username, don't use your name or address because unauthorized persons easily identify your router and then create your password with different symbols and numbers. Follow the below steps to change your 
Tenda router Wifi name and password.

Tenda Wifi Router Login
Tenda Wifi Router Login
  • Login to your Tenda Wifi router with username and password. if you do not create any username and password, use the default details.
  • On your router control panel's left side go to wireless settings.
  • From here change your wifi name and password.
  • Enable the WPA/ WPA2 for security mode.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Your router wifi password SSID name was successfully changed.
  • Now your Wi-Fi will disconnect. 
  • After a few seconds connect your system with a new SSID and password.

Tenda wifi Router Reset:

Truly there are no prescribed stretches to reset your Tenda wifi router. Most organizations suggest rebooting your switch for at least 2 months. In case you're truly puzzling over whether you could profit from a switch reboot, simply feel free to do it. When you reset the switch, the settings will be returned to their plant defaults. The entirety of the tweaked settings of the switch (Wi-Fi name (SSID), remote security, and so on) will be eradicated. Follow the below instructions to reset your Tenda wifi router.

  • Find the reset button on your Tenda wifi router backside.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds with a small size pin.
  • The Indicator Light will start blinking, After a few seconds light will stop.
  • Now your Tenda wife router.
  • Open your browser and enter plc.tendawifi.com in the search bar.
  • Now your login page will open enter the default login password 'admin'
  • Choose the 'system' option and select the 'Reset'. 
Tenda Wifi Router Login
Tenda Wifi Router Login

Default IP, Username & Password:

Below are the Tenda wifi router default IP, username, and password.
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin
  • IP Address:


We hope this article is very useful to Tenda's wifi router login. Follow this above guide to change your Router Wifi name and password. Still, you have any doubt about this router ask in the below comment box. we will try to solve your doubts. We are regularly updating our site so keep follow our site for new updates. Thank you for reading this post.

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