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Huawei Router Login IP And Password - Huawei Router Configuration

Huawei router: Hello everyone welcomes to our blog. are you looking for a Huawei router login? Don't worry here we guide how to Huawei router login. Also, we guide how to change your settings. so read the below guide very carefully. It is very useful to access your Huawei router. Huawei router is a multilevel brand. Huawei has so many router models. Before access your Huawei router you want to know your Huawei default IP. So find your Huawei router IP address on your Huawei manual book or your router backside. Now let see how to Huawei router login.

Huawei Router Login
Huawei Router Login

Huawei Router Login:

Follow the below instructions to log in to your Huawei router login.

  • Connect your Huawei router cable to your computer or use the wireless connection. But we recommend a wired connection. Because sometimes your network is down when you change your router settings.
  • Open the web browser on your computer and type the Huawei router IP address Find your default Ip address on your router backside. Most of the Huawei router IP
  • Now you see the Huawei router login page.
  • Enter the Huawei router username and router password of your Huawei router. If you do not set any username and password enter your default username and password of your Huawei router.
  • Now you have successfully login your Huawei router.

How to Change Wi-Fi password:

Changing your Wi-Fi password is very important to your data safety. So follow the below guide to change your Wi-Fi password.

  • Open your Web browser and enter your Huawei router IP address ( on the search bar.
  • Enter your Login details username and password.
  • Now your router setting page will open.
  • choose the 'Setting' tab and Select the WLAN option. 
  • Then click the WLAN settings.
  • From here select WPA pre-shared key and enter your new Wi-Fi password.
  • Click the apply button. 
  • Now your router Pre-shared key successfully changed.

How To Change Router Login Password:

After the default process of your router, you must change your Admin password. Because everyone knows the new router default admin password. So hackers easily can access your router and get your computer data. Follow the below instruction to change your Huawei router login password.

Huawei Router Login
Huawei Router Login
  • login your Huawei router with the default username and password. (Default username name and password is admin)
  • Go to the Settings and click the Advanced Settings.
  • Choose the 'Router admin'
  • Then click the 'Change Password'.
  • Now enter your old password and new admin password. 
  • Click the apply button to save your Huawei router login password.
  • After the change, wrote the password on some paper and paste it on your router.

Huawei Router Models:

We give the some Huawei router models and their username passwords.
  • EchoLife HG520   -  NA / NA        -
  • EchoLife HG532   -  admin/admin  -
  • HG232f                  -  admin/admin -
  • HG253s v2             -  NA/NA          -
  • WS322                   -  admin/admin  -

Reset Huawei Router:

Most people reset the router for forgot the password. It's very simple to process. So people easily reset the router. Follow the below steps to reset your router. 
  • Turn Power on your Huawei router.
  • Find the reset button on your Huawei router backside. This reset button is very small in size so use a small size pin to press it.
  • Press and hold the button for 10 sec, Now the router indicator starts blinking.
  • After a few seconds indicator will stop.
  • Now your Huawei router successfully reset. 
  • Then you can log in to your router with a default password.
Huawei Router Login
Huawei Router Login

Huawei Default Login Username And Password:

Huawei has so many router models. So they have different Ip, usernames, and passwords but most of the Huawei routers have the below password and IP. So use details to access your router or find it on your Huawei router box.
  • IP Address:
  • Username:admin
  • Password:admin.


We hope this above article is very useful to Huawei router login. Still, do you have any doubt about this Huawei router login process or configuration setting? just ask in below comment box. Follow the above instruction to change your login password and Wi-Fi password to save your computer data. We are continuously updating our posts so keep follow our site for new updates and share with your friends and social media. Thank you so much for reading this above Huawei router login guide.

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