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How To Fios Router Default Login | Verizon Router Login IP | Fios Gateway Router Login

Fios Router: Hi everyone welcomes to our site. In this post, we guide how to Fios Router Default login. Fios by Verizon is one of the famous networks. It is a fiber-optic network. Fiber optics move lots amount of data in a fraction of seconds. So Fios is here to give you a good internet experience as far as speed and stability. Now Streaming is flawless and the HD picture is great. Now let see how to log in to the Fios router default login.

Fios Router Default Login
Fios Router Default Login

To login to your Fios router default login, open your browser and type, and after that login with the secret password situated on the bottom of the router. The username is default admin. When you fill the relevant spaces now you open the UI of your Fios router.

Fios Router Setup:

If you are a current Fios customer and replacing or upgrading your gateway, continue to the second step. Find your current Fios router and note where to connect.
  • First, connect to the internet If your wide area network (WAN) association is coax. Then connect one coax link to the coax port on the divider, and the new Gateway connects on the opposite end.
  • Ethernet is your Wide area network (WAN) association means connecting the one white Ethernet link to the port on your divider and an opposite end connected to the Gateway.
  • Power the Router: In the new Gateway, Join the new force connector to the DC jack and power plug.
  • Just wait for the internet for few minutes. Fios router light now blinking then a few minutes later it's steady. If the light could not steady then follow the troubleshooting steps.
Wired:  First connect the one yellow Ethernet cable to the yellow Ethernet port on the Gateway other end is connected with your gadget.

Remote: From your accessible remote, go to your wifi settings and select the new Gateway. Search the wireless Network name on the sticker, now enter the WPA2 key its appeared the label.

Fios Router Default Login
Fios Router Default Login

Gateway Router Login :

Whenever you try to log in to your wifi router, first you know why you should change the personal admin password. If you want to log in to your router first open your browser and enter Then enter the login secret word placed on the bottom of the router. (The default username is (ADMIN).
  • First, see the bottom left-hand side.
  • Snap the “change login secret word” link.
  • After that, without delay, you can change your username and password.
  • Now please store the username and password in someplace. If possible write on the small paper and paste it on your switch.

Verizon Fios Router Login:

If you want to log in to your Verizon router to change wifi router settings or apply refreshes? Please follow the below steps. It is the best way to log in to your wife's router.

  • Contact your Verizon Fios organizer. You can connect with a Wifi association or wired (LAN)
  • Now open the browser and enter which is the main entrance of your wifi router.
  • Then a login page will show up.
  • Enter your username and password. The default password and name are mentioned on your side of the router.
  • Now you entered the router main page. Now you can change the username and password by clicking the change admin password on the left side of the page.
  • Your password should be must very strong
  • if you not seeing your password means you just reset your wifi Fios router factory settings

Default Username and Password:

Fios Router Default Login
Fios Router Default Login

If you want to log in to your Verizon Fios–G1100 wifi router, first you have to know the login username and password. The default username and password for the Verizon Fios –G1100 wifi router are given below.
  • Username - Verizon Fios-G1100
  • Password - admin admin
Now type the above username and password. Then you see the Verizon Fios-G1100 home page. Congratulation to you now you logged in to your Verizon router.


The above Fios router default login username and password are always admin and admin, you can change them any time. If you have any questions about the Fios router default login or setting configuration please ask in below comment section. I will appreciate your questions and I will try to solve your problems. Thank you so much for reading this post and for your patience. We are regularly updating our site. So please keep following our website for new updates.

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