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D-Link Router login Password, IP | D-Link Router Setup | D-Link Router Password Change

D-link Router: Hi everyone welcomes to our site. Here we guide you D-Link router login and configure your D-Link router. It's very useful to you so read the full article. If you have a good internet connection it's not enough, your router also consistently similar to your internet connection.

D-link Router login
D-link Router login

If you are already using this D-Link Router or your planning to buy this D-Link router. you may have some doubts to log in to this D-Link router. Don't worry here in this post we guide how to log in to your router. Now let see the D-Link router login.

D-Link Router Login:

  • Use your LAN cable to connect your d-Link router and computer or laptop.
  • Open the web browser on your computer and enter the IP on the search bar or click the link http://dlinkrouter.local. Now you will go to the router login page.
  • Then enter your username and password on the given field. if you did not set the username and password, enter your default account details.
  • Now click the login button to enter your D-link router account settings page. Here you can edit your account detail.

D-Link default Login details:

Each router that has been fabricated by D-Link is provided with a default secret password and username. These are allotted to every router so one may get to their record interestingly. Realizing it would permit clients to change their default D-Link switch login details. That being said, your default username is the admin and no default password has been set.

How To Change Default Login Details:

IF you want to change your D-link username and password, don't worry here in this post we guide how to change your default username and default password. Follow the below steps to change your account details.
  • Open your browser and log in to your D-Link account with the default username and password.
  • Now you will see your router web interface settings page.
  • Click the tools option and select the admin password from the scroll down.
  • Then enter your new password on the given box.
  • Suppose you don't have a tools option then you connect your modem with the wireless. Then change your SSID for a username change. Select the security option and go to the Pre-shared key field and enter the new password.
  • Now click the save button for saving your settings changes.
D-Link Router Login
D-Link Router Login

How To Reset Login password:

If you have forgotten your login details don't worry we guide you on how to change your username and password. Follow the below simple steps to reset your router password.

  • Power on your D-Link router.
  • Find the reset button on the backside of your router.
  • Use the small pin to press the reset button for 10 seconds.
  • Now your router will automatically reboot.
  • After few seconds the LED blinking light will stop. Now your D-Link router successfully reset.
  • Then enter your default login details, after that, you can create your new username and password from the settings page.

Find Your D-Link Router IP:

An IP address fills in as the door for your switch settings. For certain units, this is the lone way they can get their D-Link switch login page. Along these lines, this is truly imperative to know. Follow the steps to find your router IP.

D-Link Router Login
D-Link Router Login

For Windows OS:

  • open the command prompt on your laptop or computer using the shortcut key (win+R) or type the cmd on the search bar.
  • Now one window will open on your computer screen.
  • Enter ipconfig on that window and press the' Enter' button.
  • Your command code will process on your computer then your Ip address will show on your screen.

For Mac OS:

  • Finder -> Application -> Utilities -> Terminal.
  • Also using the keyboard shortcut key cmd +Space then enter terminal.
  • Now one windows screen will open, enter netstat-nr
  • Click the enter button and your IP address will show on your screen.

About D-link router.local:

If you want to login to your D-Link router you need to know your router IP address, but some people don't know the IP address so D-link provides one link. Enter this link (Dlinkrouter.local) you will automatically redirect to the login page.


This is the D-Link router login process and configuration. your router. We hope this information is very useful to you, If yes share it with your friends. Still, do you have any queries about the D-Link router login? just ask in the comment box. We are regularly updating our blog so keep in touch for more new updates. Thank you for visiting our site.

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