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Hitron Router login | Hitron Router Reset | Hitron Default Router login | Hitron Router Password Change

Hitron Router: Hello everyone welcomes to our site. Are you searching for how to log in Hitron router? Don’t worry here we give the full guide about the Hitron router login and settings management. So read the full post carefully. Hitron router is also one of the best Wi-Fi Router in the market. Hitron has so many new models.

Hitron Default Router Login
Hitron Default Router Login

In the future, if you change your old router, you can buy Hitron because it is the best router. This router takes care of your static IP setup, port mapping, and customizations. If you need to add an extra router or set up firewalls, you can with IP Pass-through. Okay now, let see how to log in to the Hitron router and setting management.

Few Important Login Instructions:

  • We give some important instructions to Hitron Router Login.
  • Install any web browser like Mozilla, chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, safari.
  • Make sure that your device ( laptop or computer) connects with your Hitron router
  • we are recommended a wired connection.
  • Find your Default username and password. This information was placed on your bottom or side of the router box.

Hitron Router Login:

Follow the below steps and easily log in to your Hitron router.
  • The first step is to connect your computer to the Hitron router via a wired or wireless network. But we recommended using a cable. Because it’s very safe and avoids disconnection.
  • Then open the web browser on your computer and type the Hitron router IP address on the search bar.
  • Now your router login page will open, then type your default username and password. If you don’t know the username, password, and IP. Don’t worry you just see your router bottom or side.
  • Click the login button, now you have successfully done login to your Hitron router.
Hitron Default username and password, IP is given below.
  • Default Username: cusadmin
  • Default Password: password
  • Default IP:

Hitron Router Models And Their Username, Password And IP:

  • CGNM – Cusadmin – password –
  • CGNM 2252 – Cusadmin – password –
  • CGNV1A – Cusadmin – password –
  • CGNV – Cusadmin – password –
  • CGNV2– Cusadmin – password –
  • CHITA – Cusadmin – password –
  • CODA 4782 – Cusadmin – password –
  • CODA 4589 – Cusadmin – password –
Hitron Default Router Login
Hitron Default Router Login

How To Reset Hitron Router:

  1. If you have any difficulty logging into your router or have forgotten your password. Don’t worry you just reset your router.
  2. Find your reset button on your router's backside or bottom. This reset but is a very small size so you can use the small size of the pin to press the button for 10 seconds.
  3. The LED light will blink for few seconds. Wait for the blinking light to stop. Now Your router is successfully reset.

Hitron CGN3ACR Login and Configure:

  • If you want to configure your Hitron CGN3ACR router page first you need to log in to your Hitron CGN3ACR router.
  • Open the browser and enter the default IP address on the search bar. Now your Hitron CDN3ACR router login page will show.
  • Enter your hitron router default username, password then click the login button. Now you successfully enter the configuration page.

How To Change IP Address:

Routers have two IP address, one is internal IP and the second one is external IP. Internal IP is used to connect your router. It’s a default address from the factory. External IP is assigned by your internet provider. Basically, it’s not to change. But you can change the internal IP address.

Common internal IP : (, (, (

Make the last number of your switch's internal IP a '1', as in or This isn't required, yet numerous individuals do it, and it makes it somewhat simpler to recall the IP address allocated to your switch.

Configure The LAN IP Address Of your Hitron CGN3ACR:

Hitron Default Router Login
Hitron Router Login
  • After the login process, you just go to the Hitron home page.
  • Click on the “Basic option”  button at the top of the setting page.
  • Now you can easily change your LAN IP. Set your new IP address(The best option is
  • Simply under that, you'll see the Subnet Mask. Leave it all things considered. It's significant that this stay at
  • Make sure to save the changes.


In this post, we clearly explain the full detail of the Hitron router login and configuration. We hope this Hitron router information is useful to you. If yes, please share with your friends. Still, you have any doubt just ask in the comment section. We are regularly updating our site so keep follow our website our new updates. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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